Do I get an Apple iPad or a phone with Stampuno?

No. We are aware of competitor services that lend an iPad or a phone, and this is reflected in their higher pricing premium.

We have made our product compatible with Windows, Android (Phone, Tablet), iOS (iPhone, iPad) and MacOS (Coming soon) so that our partners can use existing devices if they choose to.

Do you notify customers when they pass near my business?

No. As this feature requires constant access to the customer’s phone GPS and will drain the battery, we have decided to pull this feature off from Stampuno.

Why do I need a device? Can’t I let the customer scan a barcode/QR code or touch a Bluetooth dongle or use Beacons?

No. We have a firm believe that these practices are not secure and might lead to fraud and some of them work intermittently.

At Stampuno we record every transaction’s detail, to protect our partners and members.

Can I suggest an idea or a feature?

Please do, we beg you! We are adding features continuously to Stampuno based on our partners’ feedback and our thoughts and analysis of customer behaviour and the British market. So, get in touch immediately, don’t let the idea stale.

Do you support phone-less loyalty programmes for customers who don’t like to use phone apps?

We designed Stampuno from the ground up with a plastic card additional feature in mind. However, we want to see if there is a demand for it before releasing it to the wild. Please get in touch if you are interested in a mobile-less loyalty programme.

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