Supported Devices

To use Stampuno as a merchant, you need to download Stampuno Scan app on one of the supported platforms. At Stampuno we have invested a fair amount of time and energy into supporting as many platforms as we reasonably can so that our partners can use new or existing/used devices with Stampuno Scan.

Minimum Supported Platforms

  • Windows PC*
  • Surface Tablet

Windows 10 Onward
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets

Android 8 Onward
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 3 & iPad minis

iOS 9 Onward

N.B. These are the minimum supported models/platforms. However, we support all later versions.

*For devices without a camera, such as a desktop, you will need to use a barcode scanner, see below.

Barcode Scanner (for devices without cameras)

If you are using Stampuno Scan app on a PC, you will need a barcode scanner capable of scanning phone screens. Please have a look at the matrix below to understand what barcode scanner you need:

 SupportedNot Supported
Laser Scanner 
CMOS Scanner 
CCD Scanner 
2-D Scanner 
Handy barcode scanner
Stand barcode scanner

How do I know if my scanner is supported?

The cheapest and most common type of barcode scanners are the laser scanners. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for Stampuno Scan as they can't scan a phone screen. Usually, any other type of barcode scanners work.

The obvious way to identify a laser barcode scanner is to check the label. Also, a strong indicator of a laser scanner is a well-defined red-beam line when activated.

If you are still not sure, try to scan the barcode below (while it is displayed on screen, NOT on paper):

Barcode for testing

Where can I buy a barcode scanner?

Supported barcode scanners start from approximately £15. You can buy them online or from any retail store specialist.

amazon icon
ebay icon
google icon

We have thoroughly tested this model:

Unitech MS180-1UG
Handled barcode scanner model Unitech MS180-1UG

Android Phone Requirements

If you are planning to use an Android Phone, then please check:

  1. It has Android OS v8 Onward
  2. It has a good camera (At least 13 Mega-Pixels)

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